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All Praise and Glory be unto GOD! WOW! And what awesome inspiration we have been having leading up to this Gold medal FINALs match! Before the Italy match two femal athletescame over to our table during lunch just to wish us luck. I thanked them then asked their name and sport and how they finished. They were rowers whom had won the Gold the day before. So I went on to ask if by chance they had it with them and if I could see it. They did and of course seeing it wasn’t enough so I asked if I could hold it. Boy did holding it and wearing it for those breif seconds send chills throughout my body and each of my teammates who held it too. We went on to beat Italy….

Before the Cuba match we had practice scheduled as usual but it just so happened that the Women’s Basketball Team (three time Olympic Gold Medalist) and the Women’s Soccer Team Gold medalist were in the gym. Goof around playing volleyball then took a group photo. What inspiration! We went on the beat Cuba.

Now going into the finals we have our eyes set on winning our own. We will play Brazil who is ranked number one and who has not lost a set. They are the team standing in our way of bring home the Gold! We are very familiar with this team as they are with us which should make for an awesome finals match.

Stay tuned “amazing awaits”

Blessing to ya!


Praise and Glory to GOD! We advanced to the semi-finals WOOHOOO! I am just so proud of my teammates. We are really playing as a team, fighting to win, and enjoying the process. That has been a main goal of ours, to take one point, one set, one match at a time and be in the moment. How awesome to come back from behind then command the fifth set. I hope it is as exciting for you fans of volleyball as it is for us. Don’t get me wrong there were some really tense moments but we were able to stay focus, keep the faith, stay patient and calm and not fall into a desparate state. The support it outstanding. Thanks.

Next up Cuba Rrrrrrrr!



What sitting on the edge of the chair matches we have had for the fans. Two five game thrillers one against China and the other verses Poland. I hope you were able to see it. Wow beating China in China was spectacular. We were accused of over celebrating but I say well it is the Olympic Games! We silenced the crowd. Praise God! Well we will cross with Italy tomorrow who finished second in their pool. This year there was a coin toss or draw to decide who the second and third place team of each pool will play.

Will be a tough challenge but nothing less expected.



Let the Games begin! Oh wait they have!

Lots of exciting things going on! We made it to the village on August 2 and it is awesome. It is so huge! Our housing is nice. Our team is sharing two apartments each with three bedrooms and kitchen and a common area. The International Zone is complete with a bank, salon, post office, tearoom with Chinese dance entertainment, a small mart (convenience store), gift shop and more…

Opening Ceremony was awesome as usual! The lighting of the torch was so unique and cool. As the torch bearer slow immolation of running around the track added build up to the anticipated lighting of the torch and beginning of the Games.

Pool play is on the way. We are 2-1 after beating Japan opening match on August 9 in four, falling to Cuba in an ugly 0-3 loss and beating Venezuela yesterday in four. Two more match left in preliminary round, China on Friday and Poland on Sunday.

As I wrote earlier in this email the Village is huge. We all bought bikes when we learn that they were available for purchase. So Ty and I went for our first ride last night. I was excited and scared at the same time. I prayed “Lord please don’t let me fall and get injured or hit anyone (as obviously there are a lot of athletes walking around”. Well on the ride there Ty’s seat took on a various ranges of motion from all the way forward to all the way back so she had to try to balance where she sat on the seat. On the return, my PEDAL FELL COMPLETELY OFF! Can you believe it. So there we were in the dark searching for the bolt. We found it, but now we are warning everyone to do a once over on their bikes before taking it for a spin.

More to come on our match verses China,


Hey Yall, it has been one week today since our finish of the World Grand Prix. We placed in the final week.
And the announcement of the 2008 Beijing Olympic team. What a stressful waiting period the hours that followed the match. Finally at just after 10 pm the meeting was called to order and the announcement was made. A very difficult decision for our staff as they trained so many athletes. I am so happy to have been selected as one of the twelve. Although only we twelve selected will travel to Beijing all who trained with us in Colorado will be represented there, as well as our entire Nation! Wow, our entire Nation!

After 31 hours of travel I arrived in Baton Rouge to spend my days off with my family. My husband arrived there before me. We had a great time with the kids (my nieces, and nephews), who are getting bigger and bigger. My mom was and is beautiful as usual. Baton Rouge seems to change with every visit. More shops and restaurants. Eduardo and I celebrated our second year anniversary on July 15 at a restaurant call Flemmings. Flemmings restaurant gets two thumbs up! We arrived a bit late but the service was remarkable evening though it was near closing. We were given strawberries dipped in chocolate as a gift. Mmmmmm, Mmmmmmm.

As you know I love going to the cinema. Although I am so behind in my film watching, we made time to catch a movie. We saw “WANTED”. It was entertaining, definitely action packed! Time flew by quickly however we squeezed in a couple of hours of billards with my dad and cousin. Yes all of this in my short three day stay, not to mention lifting weights and getting in cardio.

Today was day two of a seven day training session until we depart for California for sea level training in Berkley and processing in San Jose. Woohoo!

The countdown continues! GO USA!