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2013 A New Year and a New Look

I would like to thank everyone for your support. THANK YOU! Currently I am playing in the Puerto Rico Superior League for Mayaguez Indias after competing in Brazil Superliga for Praia Club/Banana Boat. We are in the semi finals.  GO INDIAS.  I am keeping a weblog to update interested followers. CHECK IT OUT, leave a comment or just enjoy reading the updates. Also learn about the Believer In You Foundation by clicking on the tab (donations are welcomed). Have a blessed day… OH and any professional team looking for a Middle Blocker\Hitter/Opposite for league 2013-2014 I have not signed yet. Sponsor are welcome to email if you have an interest in a 5-Time Olympian promoting your product or service and/or want me do make an appearance or a motivational speech. Email me: Danielle02Scott@aol.com. Thanks!

Faith Center to start the Day

What a great day.  I started today off with praise and worship at the multi-faith center.  I am so glad and grateful to have the center there.  Often when I  travel it is hard to find a church to fellowship and receive the Word.  This is awesome to have a place right here in the village.  Afterward that, I went to grab a bite to eat and had a light lifting workout with Tim followed by a massage.  I love massage.  If you have never had one, take time to treat yourself:-) Then I met up with some of the girls to go get our free beats by dr. dre.  It was a cool house.  There were pastries and drink served with varying music playing in the background.  There was also a photo booth set up.  It was fun a quick but fun run.  Having started my day early I was ready for a nap.

Practice was good. Up next Serbia!  Quick flash back… What a win over China!  It was spectacular to be able to come in an contribute to the win on the court, although I take great pride with helping how I can from “the best box in the world”. Rather it is giving feedback, hand a drink, dabbing sweat from Luke’s brow, to cheering from the sideline, I find enjoyment.
Well, onward as our coach would say.

Today rewind

Wow, what a great win tonight against Brazil and Saturday against Korea.  Starting with a wonderful opening ceremony on Friday, things couldn’t be much better.  Even after participating in other Olympics, this NEVER gets old or routine! Meeting other athletes the march around the stadium, exchanging pins. I hope more are on the way,I have gotten spoiled with the how many pins we are usually given and are in turn able to trade or give away… None of this gets old. I went to the welcoming ceremony and raising of the flags.  The performance was spectacular, performed with lots of energy.  Unfortunately we missed the meet and greet with First Lady Michelle Obama boo!

Tomorrow we will have recovery and some family time in the morning.  It is so wonderful to have family and friends here.  Later we will get back to business with preparing for our next opponent!
My coaching staff and team are doing a really excellent job.  Thanks for all of the prayers and support.

Hot day in London

Another hot day here in London.  I won’t complain as it was forecast to be cold and wet! Yes, for the summer Games! I will enjoy the heat while it last and take advantage of getting my vitamin D in :-)  Sitting on my bed getting a little of NormaTec recovery in before practice.  It entails putting on two boots that reaches the upper leg and letting the machine go to work squeezing the legs (compression) for a given time.  I am going for 30 minutes. Yesterday I took a walk to the “International Zone”… That is where there are shops, salon, post office, cafe… media is also allowed in this area.  It is also where we can meet our family and friends when we are able to get a one day guest pass for the village. Woohoo I look forward to that!  It was quite a busy day as I went back to processing to change out some gear that was too big or sleeves too short.  I left there happy with a huge smile, a lot like Christmas day in one’s childhood!

It is getting closer to Opening Ceremony!  Some of my family will arrive tomorrow and others will arrive on Friday.  I couldn’t do this for so long without this wonderful support group I have. I am so incredibly blessed in more ways than I can express…I am simply grateful.
More to come,

Day 1 and 2 London 2012

Back again at the Olympic Village and I tell you it NEVER gets old.  Yesterday we went through processing and got a lot of gear from Nike and Ralph Lauren.  Unfortunately a lot of the clothing didn’t fit, boo!  But tomorrow I will go to exchange some things if our schedule permits:-) Today we had our first practice.  Not a bad day at the office but I know we will be better tomorrow.  It is amazing how the team is better just by making the little plays and focusing on details like coverage ball, passing free ball to the target, sealing the net, none setter setting a hittable ball. I love this game! GO USA!